Kind Words About Our Courses...

Course was an enlightening experience!

Rebecca S.

Seva Learning’s course "Your Path to Success" was an enlightening experience that helped me look inward and think about some of those meaningful questions my brain tends to put on the back burner at the expense of everyday life like work, family obligations, etc. Taking the time to pause and consider where I'm focusing my energy and how to live in the present is such a powerful practice and has helped me align my body (physical wellbeing) and my consciousness (connecting to the space within). As a result, I've been more readily able to recognize what my genius is whispering to me and transform it into creative energy that I can contribute to my life and those around me. Norby is a wonderful facilitator whose calming presence creates an effortlessly kind, supportive, and safe environment to do this important self work.

Course blossomed my creativity!

Taryn S.

I am indebted to the lessons I learned in the "Your Path To Success" course from Seva Learning. My hang-up was meeting preconceived milestones quickly with an aggressive mindset. I felt exhausted and frustrated. "Your Path To Success" taught me to welcome the lessons and journey of entrepreneurship. My creativity blossomed as I explored facets of my business development with curiosity and courage and an emphasis on building relationships